Sunday, 4 September 2011

And finally, last but not least.....

And here are the rest of what I have scanned.  This is pretty much up to date, save for the couple of ones that I have not scanned from the past week or two.  Sorry for the salvo of stuff I just put up, but I don't have a working scanner at home.  Had to go back to campus and bum one off of them.  Ah, life, hahaha :] 

I feel like these are getting stale!!!!  And they are.  :/  No me gusta.  But the project in and of itself is not only great for practical self improvement, but also stretches your imagination to its absolute fullest.  As you can see, my imagination isn't that great.  Hahahaha.   Anyway, please feel free to browse through these at your leisure.  Also,  I would highly appreciated any and all feedback, so don't be shy ;]  Thank you guys, and enjoy.

Part 3