Monday, 21 March 2011

Something a little different.

Aside from animating, drawing, and just plain acting like a fool, I also enjoy myself a little 3D modeling here and there.  Here are a couple images of a wheel and tire modeled after the SSR Professor SP1 design.  Did this a while ago, and it is surprisingly easy to model, just takes a little patience is all.  Looking to do full blown car models, and other meshes, when I get the equipment for it.  Enjoy :]

Monday, 14 March 2011

And some other stuff, aside from my face!! :D

Here are some observational drawings from a while back.  Need to do more of these!!!!  Only one I like from these is the little kid in motion, with the oversized coat.  Saw him at the mall and attempted freeze time and draw one of his extremes.  Very full of life :3 Enjoy

Ok, now I am completely updated!!!!

All done!!! Comments please!!!!


And finally I am more or less up to date with my uploads!!!!! still got about ten more to scan and upload but I will leave that for wednesday!!! :D So sorry for the surge of uploads, as I have been really busy with work and school related things.  I like a very select few of these, but all of em have been very important and essential in me getting better at this!!!!!!!  I've learned about the process, and more importantly, I have learned more about myself as a person through this project!!!  Definitely seeing it through to the end no matter what!!!!  Please feel free to take a look at AALLLL the other ones below.  Comments and suggestions would be much appreciated.  Thank you!!!! :]