Friday, 2 August 2013

Value Studies

Hey there.  Just putting up some value studies that I have done a while back.  Enjoy.  :]

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Animation Challenge COMPLETE!!!!!........sorta

  Hello hello there everybody!!!!!  To today marks the day that I put this daily animation challenge to rest.  Unfortunately, I was not able to do ALL of the daily challenges, though I finished most of them.  I think that I really learned a lot during this whole experience, and, dare I say it, had a lot of fun as well.  Aside from the obvious knicks and knacks about animation that I learned, I think that most important thing to take away from the experience is this:

You can not complete everything that you set out to do, and that's okay.  So long as you don't let that bring ya down, and keep being persistent with the rest of it, things will come out okay.

  Anyway, without further delay, here is the rest of the animation challenges that I completed.  I fully intend to do more of these as time goes on.  There is still A LOT that I need to work on.  Hope that you enjoyed everything that I have complete, whether they were crude or not.  And thank you very much for coming along for the ride!!  Comments and critique are much appreciated as always.  Thank you. :]