Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Animation Funtime!!! Week 2!!!

  Alrighty then.  So, sadly yet admittedly, I have been slacking a bit on this animation challenge.  And by a bit, I mean a lot apparently.  I'm currently two weeks behind,.....yeah,....no bueno.  I actually should have been done by today.  But oh well, things don't always go as smoothly as one would hope.

 HOWEVER, that does not mean that I have stopped doing them!!!!  I am actually looking to finish whatever I have left to do by the end of this month.  And if I don't happen to finish up, a least I have some stuff to show for my effort!!!

  Anyway, enough with the banter.  Here is the second week (cough cough) of the animation daily challenge completed.  These definitely got a bit more elaborate as they went on.  I also transition to using TVPaint about halfway through these.  Also, sorry for any that are rubbish @_@"  Thank you!!!  Enjoy!!!! :3