Friday, 4 March 2011

FINAL-Fing-LY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!!! SALVO #1!!!!

So, my fellow followers, you guys are in for a real treat.  I have just finished scanning, cropping, and rotating all of my self portraits that I have done so far!!!!  Woot woot!!!!  It is a pretty large salvo!!!  So I will be posting them up ten at a time.  There are a couple that I do not have access to, since I do not have the files with me.  So when I get to that point, I will finish posting the rest another day!!!!

Now with this salvo, and all that follow, and with this project in general, I have had my up days and my down days.  Mostly down though, unfortunately.  I still have a lot of bad drawings in me and I gotta shake em out!!  SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!!!!!!!!!!  However, there are a couple that I really had fun with.  And I can also see that I am improving.  Not at a rate that I want to, but improving nonetheless.  Baby steps lead to running after all!!!!!  So I gonna shut up now and post of all these.  Enjoy.  And please, please, PLEASE, give me some feedback.  It would be much appreciated folks. :]  Thank you for your patience in the matter!!!

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