Monday, 14 March 2011

Ok, now I am completely updated!!!!

All done!!! Comments please!!!!


  1. Nice =] Do you feel you're improving? I especially like #116 by the way. Really awesome.

  2. I probably should have looked through them all before commenting but #69 is also great. You got the smile down to a tee. #91 and #98 are really showing how you've progressed as well.
    Not much else to say really, other than what catherine said. By working slowly first you'll be able to get the proportions just right. Eventually you'll be able to get the proportions down every time and then you go at SUPER LIGHT SPEED!!!

  3. Thank you thank you!!!!!! :D I do feel like I am improving, but not at the pace that I should be. Mostly due to the fact that most of these I rush through. I'm still experimenting with a lot of things, like mark making with different materials. For one, I still suck tremendously with a pencil, but I found that I really enjoy pen, alot!!!!! And watercolour is still a massive problem for me. I am also getting really tired of using white paper!!!!! its so bland and boring!!!!!!!!!!

    A lot of these issues with getting the desired effects with the stuff that I am using is mostly because I don't draw anything else aside from these self portraits. It really sucks how busy I am with uni and work :/ I'm hoping that once uni lets out I will get on the ball with working on a lot of different other subjects, and more digital stuff too.

  4. i love the top one and the seventh one down! definately seeing you're improvment. SO GOOD! :)