Tuesday, 12 April 2011

More faces to fill the empty spaces..............

Quite surprising how devoted I am to this little project in spite of all the stuff that is going on in my "academic/artistic" life right about now.  All in all here are more self portraits for Project365.  Most of these I loathe, but some I like quite a bit, especially the watercolour ones since I am actually progressing with it, and it shows. Enjoy :]

What in the world is this massive failure? -______-

Some spontaneity for ya. :]


Have always, and will always hate rendering hair.  Sucks because I have A LOT of it -_____-

Deliberately unfinished, mainly because I felt like I would get to carried away.

Something other than my face, for once, because I am not just a floating, disembodied head, contrary to popular belief.

One of my favorite ones of this batch.  Apparently, I am very left side biased.  Screw you right side!!!!!

A breakthrough with watercolour for me, FINALLY!!!!!

I like this one, quite a lot actually.  Hooray for good brush pen work, woot!!!

Broke my mirror, whoops.  Seven years of bad luck for me :/

Another watercolour breakthrough!!!  Getting the hand of application.  Next up, mixing and blending ^_^

Rubouts, easier with charcoal.  Not so much with 4B lead, lesson learnt. -___-

Pointers, constructive criticism and the like are all welcomed and much appreciated, thank you. :] 


  1. whaaaaat...I need to do me some watercolours. These are really great, especially the pen ones (brushpen?) You really are improving, it's quite astounding. Not much crit to give really, other than keep doing what you're doing. :D

  2. Thank ye thank ye :) and which ones exactly? (pen ones)

  3. Specifically 135, 138 and 140.

  4. Hmmm, on further inspection I'm not sure those ones are pen....? Charcoal? It's hard to tell. They're good regardless though.

  5. 135 is black and white chinagraph pencils and brush pen, 138 is black and white chinagraph with a dying brush pen lolz and 140 is just brush pen :] thank you!!