Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Keeping up with the updates for this marvelous artistic endeavor that I so decided to embark upon.  Here I present you with some more self portraits, more physically rendered images of the beautiful contours of my face.  Bah, "beautiful", pfftttt!!  I can't even fool myself.  -.-  But in all honestly this batch had its few highs, and many lows, but all were fun to do.  Enjoy :]

If you can name the album and group that this is inspired by, I will bake you a cupcake.  No lie :]

Watercolour!  Moving in the right direction.  Getting the hand of blending, but need to work on contrast.


I love doing full body ones, much much fun!! :]  Need another mirror so I can do more of these!!
I am sitting cross-legged by the way :D

One of my favorites of from this batch.  With this I discovered one of my new favorite pens.  Oddly enough it is one that I found on the floor :D


Oh, Oil Pastels, why are you so difficult to control?  I will master you!!  Definitely a step in the right direction compared to my last attempts with oil pastels.  More to come :D

.....yes!!! :]

what, the,......hell?


  In all honesty, I need other work to fill the gaps in between all of these self portraits.  Now the school is out, I will have more time to GO OUT AND DRAW, rather than staying in.  Oh well!!  Feedback would be much appreciated.  Thank you.

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